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The primary goal of this course is to broaden and deepen your knowledge of literature and your critical and analytical thinking and writing skills. Discussions between academics 40 subjects in series Sussex Publications, as above 6.

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Generally, late work will not be accepted. There are two questions on each text; one essay question, and one passage-based question. If you have questions that lie outside the scope of what either explicates, please ask me so I can specifically address your questions. Your analysis should establish a clear connection between the two poems, beyond merely "They both discuss love" or "both refer to death"; rather, the connection should be based on similarities in situation, structure, language, imagery, et cetera.

If you miss a day of school, it is your responsibility to look on the posted classwork and homework calendar to find what you missed. Assignments completed for another class often do not meet the requirements for this course, and I will grade your papers on how well they meet the English competencies.

This means that you will be expected to read high school-level literature, and write high school-level essays. Read more about Turnitin on their website. Certainly, issues come up—unexpected and unavoidable things. Learn more at www. We will be doing in-class writing a lot as a way to collect our thoughts before diving into a new discussion.

Candidates whose mark is none of the above receive a percentage mark in between those stated according to the position of their mark in relation to the grade thresholds i. Due Thursday, 7 August Answer one of the following questions in a well-developed, coherent, and thoughtful essay of at least 5 pages words.

If you have any queries, please contact us at international cie. D Minimally acceptable performance demonstrating at least partial familiarity with the subject matter and some capacity to deal with relatively simple problems, but also demonstrating deficiencies serious enough to make it inadvisable to proceed further in the field without additional work.

Submitting Papers All assignments will be submitted on the Course Website. Excessive absences or latenesses will adversely affect your grade. Examinations in June and November will contain questions on the following texts: Our classroom time will be centered on discussion, and it is very difficult to have a discussion when half or more of the people in the room are looking at a screen instead of at one another.

Come to class prepared each day: With that in mind, it will be important to do the readings, to come to class, and to offer your opinion.

Excellence in educationCambridge qualifications develop successful students. Organization is vitally important. AS Level results are shown by one of the grades a, b, c, d or e indicating the standard achieved, Grade a being the highest and Grade e the lowest.

The point is to get you to think freely, brainstorm, and work through ideas, not to be grammatically correct. Two one-page plot summaries of brief novels, which will emphasize sentence construction, clarity, concision, and style 5.

Do not email me with questions that require more than a quick answer. The same goes for late work: Please visit this site on a regular basis as the Resource lists are updated through the year. Assignments and Grade Distributions Close-reading essay pages: Please read the Appendix to your textbook, "Writing about Poetry" A1-A46 or " Writing about Literature ", before beginning your essays, and also read the sample student essays: Late work will not be accepted.

Preparing begins with active reading.

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Your essay must be on one of the assigned topics for that assignment, or it will receive a zero 0. This syllabus section provides the course description and information on meeting times, requirements, a statement on plagiarism, and the schedule of lecture topics and assignments.

Writing about Literature: Th ese resources will be helpful to get you started on your written work for this class. However, you may not submit your papers to the writing.

Essay writing syllabus

The Norton Introduction to Literature. Shorter Twelfth Edition. Ebook, EPUB. See all options and formats starting at This free and customizable resource includes all of the material accessible via LitWeb, as well as new Pause and Practice exercises, a new Writing about Literature video series; bulleted summaries of the Writing about.

Ms. Sear’s 9th Grade English Syllabus [email protected] Course Description: In 9 th Grade English, we will be reading the following selections: Winter Thunder by Mari Sandoz, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, Animal Farm by George Orwell, The Odyssey by Homer, and Of Mice and.

AP Literature and Composition Course Syllabus and Guidelines AP English is a course designed for those students who display a love of reading. Syllabus Literature Review1 (AW, 12 EC) Writing: outline, summary, draft, This syllabus sets out the requirements of the literature review and offers advice to help you write a great review.

Read this syllabus carefully and well before you plan to start with your literature review. If things are.

Litweb writing about literature syllabus
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